RAD Study Guides

Below are study guides that follow each RAD program. Please feel free to share these guides. Download the guide and print (front and back) fold in half for a bulliten size study guide. Each lesson study comes with a quiz and scripture references.

Revelation's Startling Predictions for the 21st Century

The new millennium is here—and with it a new interest in prophecy. Millions wonder: What will happen next? Where are we headed? The Bible has proven reliable throughout the centuries. Its prophecies have been fulfilled with uncanny accuracy for thousands of years.

#1 Answer Key

Study Guide 1 Answers

Study 1 Answers: 1. end, beginning 2. (2, 4, 1, 3, 5). 3. Noah, John, Baptist, John. 4. blessed, reads

Revelation’s Biggest Surprise

Long ago, Jesus sat on a hillside with His disciples and predicted such a time as this. Jesus’ disciples privately asked, “What shall be the sign of Thy coming and of the end of the world?”

#2 Answer Key

Study Guide 2 Answers

Study 2 Answers: 1. me, I. 2. God, heaven, secrets. 3. removes, raises up, rules, men. 4. latter, will, place. 5. certain, sure

Revelation’s Greatest End-Time Signs

Throughout the ages, earthly kingdoms have arisen to challenge the kingdom of God. There has been a battle for the throne, a battle brought into sharp focus . . .

#3 Answer Key

Study Guide 3 Answers

Study 3 Answers: 1. christs, prophets. 2. True. 3. destroy, earth. 4. True. 5. Noah, violence. 6. pestilences

Revelation's Stars Wars: Battle Behind the Throne

All through the book of Revelation angels are prominent, appearing in almost every chapter. There's an angelic conflict outlined in Revelation that overshadows anything we human beings can imagine...

#4 Answer Key

Study Guide 4 Answers

Study 4 Answers: 1. perfect. 2. True. 3. war, heaven. 4. I, I, my, I, I, I, Most High. 5. enemy. 6. teaching, preaching, healing, compassion

Revelation’s Peace Maker

The very first words of this book we’re studying are “The revelation of Jesus Christ.” That’s how John’s prophecy got its name. It’s a revelation from Jesus and about Jesus.

#5 Answer Key

Study Guide 5 Answers

Answers: 1. wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked. 2. True. 3. sin, death, gift, life. 4. life, abundantly. 5. Son, not

Revelation’s Source of Spiritual Power

Today there’s a new revolution in psychoactive drugs. Soon there’ll be a pill for every problem. Will we find all our answers in pharmaceuticals? Certainly psychoactive drugs are on a roll.

#6 Answer Key

Study Guide 6 Answers

Answers: 1. mind, grieve. 2. obey. 3. sin. 4. Spirit, God. 5. overcomes, strengthened, might

Revelation’s Final Events

Like an unconscious sky-diver hurtling out of control toward the earth, we are rushing headlong toward an impact with the end time, speeding toward a collision with earth’s final events. Prophetic signs reveal history is coming to a climax.

#7 Answer Key

Study Guide 7 Answers

Answers: 1. will. 2. lightning. 3. shout, voice, trumpet. 4. false. 5. every eye. 6. great, mighty

Revelation’s Most Amazing Prophecy

The triumphs of technology are inspiring. The achievements of the space program are so tangible and specific. All the complex details—the flow of rocket fuel, the humming of computers, the astronaut’s check list—fit together like clockwork. But religious hope today tends to be vague and shapeless.

#6 Answer Key

Study Guide 8 Answers

Answers: 1. eat, drink, whatever, glory. 2. hour, judgement. 3. True. 4. bought, price. 5. worship, made

Revelation’s Final Judgment

The United States Supreme Court is a symbol of the majesty of law and justice in a world that’s often tragically unfair. But each of us has a case pending before the highest tribunal of all—the Supreme Court of the Universe!

#9 Answer Key

Study Guide 9 Answers

Answers: 1. heaven. 2. True. 3. day, year. 4. Jerusalem. 5. seventy, God’s. 6. True. 7. middle, sacrifice

Revelation’s Answer for Society’s Crumbling Values

Most people try to make their home a refuge from the stresses and strains of life out in the cold, hard world. They try to make it a place of love and safety. But futurists tell us the home is headed for some pretty dramatic changes.

#10 Answer Key

Study Guide 10 Answers

Answers: 1. True. 2. law, transgression. 3. destroy, not, destroy. 4. liar, truth. 5. perfect, sure, simple. 6. grace, faith. 7. is, love, keep

Revelation’s Eternal Sign in Earth’s Last Conflict

In the Bible’s last book, Revelation, God is on center stage as Creator of the universe. John was caught up in vision to an amazing scene in heaven’s throne room. What he saw was so dazzling as to be almost beyond description—something you’d only see in your wildest dreams.

#11 Answer Key

Study Guide 11 Answers

Answers: 1. keep, commandments, faith. 2. sanctifies, Lord, God. 3. rested, blessed, sanctified. 4. look up verses. 5. True. 6. think, destroy, jot, tittle, all

Revelation Reveals History’s Greatest Hoax

Could it be that there’s a Trojan horse in the midst of the Christian Church? Could millions be deceived and not know it?

#12 Answer Key

Study Guide 12 Answers

Answers: 1. break/alter, lips. 2. heaven, earth. 3. True. 4. think. 5. True. 6. among. 7. True

Revelation’s Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues

Jesus is coming soon, but specific events must take place before He returns. A big part of being ready for His Coming involves understanding what God’s Word teaches about what will occur in the last days.

#13 Answer Key

Study Guide 13 Answers

Answers: 1. A, B, C, (or D). 2. A, B. 3. True. 4. True

Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions

The death of a loved one shakes us up. The question haunts us: “Can I find hope beyond the grave?." Learn the truth about death from God's word.

#14 Answer Key

Study Guide 14 Answers

Answers: 1. True. 2. alone, immortality. 3. breath, earth, thoughts, perish. 4. soul, die. 5. True. 6. sleep, sleep, death. 7. mortal, mortal, put on

Revelation’s Thousand Years of Peace

the Millennium is–in a sense–God’s timetable of final events—it reveals the schedule God plans to use when He brings down the curtain on the drama of this world’s history. Learn what the Bible has to say about the thousand years of peace.

#15 Answer Key

Study Guide 15 Answers

Answers: 1. resurrection, righteousness, wicked. 2. to His Father’s house - where Jesus is. 3. True. 4. dead, laying on the ground. 5. desolate, void/without form. 6. A. 7. loosed, released

Revelation’s Lake of Fire

Discover the truth about the "Lake of Fire" and the destruction of the wicked from God's word in the book of Revelation.

#16 Answer Key

Study Guide 16 Answers

Answers: 1. reserved. 2. False. 3. burn, up, ashes. 4. True. 5. perish, smoke, vanish. 6. eternal, ashes. 7. True

Revelation’s New Life

We may have forgotten just how deeply God is committed to freedom. Learn what the "New Life" holds for you.

#17 Answer Key

Study Guide 17 Answers

Answers: 1. water, cannot. 2. baptized. 3. much water. 4. True. 5. one, one, one. 6. A, B, C

Revelation Unmasks the Cult Deception

A lot of people are searching today. Some are looking for something new, something different. Not everything is what it appears to be. Learn the identifying marks of a cult based on what the Bible says.

#18 Answer Key

Study Guide 18 Answers

Answers: 1. right, end, death. 2. no, light. 3. no, other. 4. my, many. 5. salt. 6. diligent, word, truth. 7. children, wind, doctrine

Revelation Reveals Life at Its Best

You were bought at a price redeemed by Jesus’ blood; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s. . . . Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Learn what the Bible has to say about living a healthy lifestyle.

#19 Answer Key

Study Guide 19 Answers

Answers: 1. fat, blood. 2. body, temple. 3. hoof, chews, fins, scales. 4. True. 5. eat, drink, glory. 6. wine, strong drink, deceived. 7. holy, profane, hid, eyes

Why So Many Denominations?

Sooner or later everyone faces a disturbing question: why so many denominations? If Christ is supposed to bring people together, why have His followers split into so many factions? Why do so many different groups claim to be the One True Church? In this presentation–learn what the Bible says about this topic.

#20 Answer Key

Study Guide 20 Answers

Answers: 1. True. 2. pale, death, Hades. 3. faith, once, God, man. 4. wolves, own, perverse. 5. priests, unclean, hidden, eyes

Revelation’s Last Appeal

The book of Revelation reveals truth and exposes error. God doesn’t want us to be deceived. He longs for us to be preserved and protected by His truth.

#21 Answer Key

Study Guide 21 Answers

Answers: 1. husband, virgin. 2. True. 3. True. 4. gold, pearls. 5. True. 6. True. 7. fallen, fallen, out, my

Revelation’s Mark of the Beast Exposed

Some people are so afraid of it they try to avoid having a Social Security number. Others worry about the bar codes scanned at check-out stands—what could be behind it all?

#22 Answer Key

Study Guide 22 Answers

Answers. 1. all, all, worshipped. 2. True. 3. blasphemous, blasphemies. 4. make war, overcome. 5. forty, two, day, year. 6. captivity, healed

Revelation’s Movement of Destiny

Could it be that some of us are clinging to the wrong thing in the name of religion? There are over 1800 different denominations, creeds, and religious groups in America today! New churches are rapidly springing up across the country. How does the average person ever sort out the claims and counterclaims of all these religious organizations?

#23 Answer Key

Study Guide 23 Answers

Answers: 1. word, truth, me. 2. none, other, name, must. 3. will, again, every, see. 4. sleeps, dead, know. 5. body, temple, all, glory. 6. keep, keep. 7. buried, baptism. 8. come, her, my

Revelation’s Prophetic Movement at End-Time

We’re witnessing a phenomenal explosion of interest in psychic phenomena today. There’s a great fascination with the occult and astrology. More than 2000 of our leading newspapers carry astrology columns. Jesus warned: “false Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. . . .

#24 Answer Key

Study Guide 24 Answers

Answers: 1. True. 2. prophets, prosper. 3. False. 4. every, false. 5. True. 6. keep, commandments, testimony. 7. faith, spirit, prophecy. 8. False

Prediction of Joy in Disappointment

Can an individual really be sure of truth? Does God have a true church on earth today? Is it possible to know which church is His true church? Both the Old and the New Testaments are designed to give certainty, definiteness and concrete answers to these questions.

#25 Answer Key

Study Guide 25 Answers

Answers: 1. True 2. Daniel 3. little book 4. False 5. No 6. thrones, put, in, place, court, books, opened 7. you, must, prophesy, again

Revelation’s World of Tomorrow

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the subject of heaven! People have many different ideas about what heaven is like. Learn what the Bible has to say about heaven.

#26 Answer Key

Study Guide 26 Answers

Answers: 1. tear, death, sorrow, crying, pain 2. False 3. body, flesh, bones 4. Jesus 5. build, houses, plant, vineyards 6. True 7. desert, blossom, blossom

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